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NI Covid-19 Vaccinations Dashboard

Northern Ireland COVID Vaccination Programme

In Northern Ireland the COVID Vaccine Programme officially commenced on 8th December 2020.

The main objective of the programme is to protect those at highest risk from serious illness or death. The programme has been offered incrementally over time to all of the Northern Ireland population over 5 years of age based on their risk of serious disease. The timeline below outlines when the vaccine was offered to different age groups and groups of the population.

The vaccine schedule offered is a primary course (either 2 doses or 3 doses depending on underlying medical conditions). A booster dose is recommended at least 6 months after the primary course. Future booster doses may be recommended over time. Further information about the vaccines schedule can be found on the PHA website on the following link:


Month from when the Primary Course was offered to:

  • December 2020: care home residents and front-line health and social care workers
  • January 2021: all 50 years and over; 18-49 years with underlying health conditions
  • April 2021: all 18-49 years of age and pregnant women
  • August 2021: all 16-17 year olds; 12-15 years with underlying health conditions
  • September 2021: all 12-15 year olds
  • September 2021 3rd primary dose for individuals 12 years and older with a weakened immune system
  • December 2021: 5-11 year olds with serious underlying health conditions
  • February 2022: all 5-11 year olds

Month from when the Booster Dose(s) was offered to:

  • September 2021: all individuals 50 years and over; care home residents; front-line health and social care workers; 16-49 years with underlying health conditions
  • November 2021: all individuals 18-49 years of age
  • December 2021: all 16-17 year olds; 12-15 years with underlying health conditions, pregnant women
  • March 2022: 2nd Booster offered to 75 years and older, care home residents and people over 12 years with weakness of the immune system

There are four COVID vaccines currently licensed for use in the United Kingdom:

1) Pfizer Vaccine (Brand name: Cominraty)

– Adult dose (for 12 years and older)

– Paediatric dose (for under 12 years)

2) Moderna Vaccine (Brand name: Spikevax)

3) Astra Zeneca Vaccine (Brand name: Vaxzevria)



Data on the number of vaccines administered has been extracted from the Northern Ireland Vaccination Management System (VMS). The VMS is a regional electronic vaccine record where vaccines administered in any location are recorded.

The VMS dataset is linked with population data within a secure cloud-based system to enable calculation of the uptake of vaccine within the population. The population dataset is obtained from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA). NISRA produce mid-year estimates of the population of Northern Ireland as of 30 June each year by age and sex.

Since 4th August 2021, vaccine uptake data presented on this dashboard have been calculated using the 2020 population mid-year estimates, which is in line with United Kingdom. Before this, uptake data was calculated with the 2019 population mid-year estimates.

Since 26th May 2022, any vaccination records within 19 days of an earlier vaccination record for the same recipient have been excluded from the vaccination numbers presented. This is in line with other devolved administrations.


The dashboard is updated each day between midday and 1pm.

The dashboard is regularly updated and developed to ensure that the information presented provides the most accurate picture of vaccines given to the population. This means that vaccine uptake data may change overtime, either up or downwards. While any update / change will have an initial impact on vaccine uptake data, overall it is a positive change ensuring more accuracy and consistency in the data moving forwards. Updates made are documented below.

Over time, more data and visualizations will be added as the program progresses

The details in the dashboard may not always fully reflect the most up to date information. This has become more relevant with the advent of mobile vaccination clinics. These are often in remote areas where electronic devices are not viable for use and as such the details are often captured manually and later transcribed into our electronic systems, leading to a lag in reporting




4th August 2021 Uptake calculation updated to use NISRA 2020 population mid-year estimates
5th November 2021 Data on 12-15 year olds included. Overall vaccine uptake changed to show the number of people vaccinated in the population that are 12 years and over. This is in line with the United Kingdom dashboard.
6th January 2022 Definition of the age when vaccinated was changed to the individual’s age on 31st August 2021 in line with other Devolved Administrations.
12th May 2022 Definition of the age when vaccinated changed again to the individual’s age on the date the numbers were extracted from VMS. This reflects an agreement between DAs.

Updated to present data for the Spring 2022 Booster vaccine campaign.


The dashboard is split across 11 pages covering:

  • Total vaccination figures
  • Most recent available day’s figures
  • Cumulative vaccination totals by dose
  • 7 day moving average
  • Vaccinations by age band
  • Vaccination uptake rates – population figures are based on NISRA mid year estimates (MYE) for 2020.
  • Vaccinations by location/provider
  • Vaccinations by vaccine type
  • Total vaccinations by gender
  • Vaccinations by postcode and by ethnic background (when available)
  • Vaccinations and uptake for Local Government Districts, based on postcode of residence and NISRA 2020 MYE